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To a world where I belong

For the silent moments that kill me inside ,

For the silent sobs that rot me outside,

I am becoming what i never wanted to be,

I am going where i never wanted to be ,

I belong not to this world, but a world so free,

Where I could run, I could fly,no agitations ,

Take me away on a white horse,

To a different world of dimensions,

Where my soul roams free , mind follows my heart ,

Where sorrow does’nt leave , ripping my veins apart ,

To a land where i belong,

To a place my heart longs ,

Away from agony , away from hearts so shallow ,

Away from well dressed bodies so hollow,

Where there is no rich ,no poor, no black, no white ,

Oh dear lord , just lead me into light .


Gone are those days 

Gone are those days , when everything seems perfect ,

Gone are those mornings , when sunlight nevee hurted ,

When pillow fighting was the favorite game ,

And throwing tantrums a part of life ,

Days when comfort was found in friends known,

With every secret shared without hesitation ,

Gone are those days , when realisation was not dreadful ,

Mistakes were worthy ,

Forgiving was easy ,

And one last time meant an excuse ,

Gone are those days , when life was at ease ,

Gone are those nights , when sleep was in peace .