Bonfire & Stories.

A beautiful work of art,

Failed to find a better companion than filter coffee during dusk,

Just struggling to figure out what could be wrong when everything seems perfect.

What you see isn’t what you preach,

Cold and dark outside, warm and bright inside, 

A lot on your mind, yet very little in your heart,

Suddenly, when melancholy starts to recite it’s poem in my head,

A thought is born to unify the mixed bag of thousand emotions,

The world isn’t as simple as it seems,

Close to perfect,

It makes us question zillion things,

Making it hard to stay intact,

The painters beloved and the writers muse,

Will you spark hope this time around ?



A promised Sunday morning breakfast,

The warmest hug and the hardest goodbye,

Making the way up to the streets,

On good days, stringing alphabets into quotes,

And on the worst, broken and vandalized,

Defining solace to the world.

You are never the same twice,

But certain things become lifelong habits,

One of those hours, being familiar with the emptiness,

Tomorrow I will be quicker,

If only procrastination had a cure,

Selfishness isn’t a dark trait,

With no cushion to fall back on,

Poetry finds me here,

With grace, more beautiful than ever.


A little too drunk,

A little too sober,

Caught between fear and disgust.

Emotions, memories, people,

Mythological tales about magical souls,

Ask us about anything, we will speak about it.

Life-death and everything in between,

Gloomy being the comfort zone,

A lot familiar turning into a stranger,

Our flaws, our scars,  our laughter,  our chaos,

When rest of the world strangles with it’s inflicting jokes,

Let’s let ourselves fall with the creepers of doubt,

Let’s chase who we are.

An Effortless Reverie.

A lone Wolf,

Slipping into this day dream,

Often hit by this sudden feeling of insignificance that makes us question life.

Does it has a purpose behind it ?

Or we are made up of emptiness ,

Determining the rights and wrongs from the greys,

On some days we drive to the hill forest,

On some days we drive to the bar.

Is there a defined destination ?

These questions becoming seeds of doubt , growing into flourishing stories.

Heralded, neither love nor belonging lives here ,

They will breathe,

Our quixotic stories, they will exist, because we have lived them.


A sensitive mind and a sweet tooth, 
Why is it so bad to be a mess ?

You are supposed to be happy and not a complete mess .

Who says that you always got to have your emotions together ?

You have galaxies in your heart ,

Tiny sparkling stars inside the darkness of your soul,

A mental vacation is all you need to clear the conundrum in your head .

Live out your curiosity, rather than always dream of what your life could be ,

Turn the world upside down , shake the hell out of it ,

Make your peace with indulgence,

Because it’s alright to be a mess ,

As cloudy days are not always bright, but they bring rain and that’s beautiful .


Time Traveller

Jived hearts, Losing in trance ,

If you could go back in time will you change anything ?

How long could a hate hold on ?

Till  you couldn’t even spare a glance,

Where day goes in feeling the entire world on our shoulders,

Night goes in the realisation, that the world was spinning for someone else sake .

Creases lay unstreached,

Insecurities screaming from behind the fragile wall,

One step at a time, playing by the rules , peeling the layers, unburdening the wounds of time ,

Assuring the lingering won’t have another victim ever,

Closing doors,

There are things which makes us feel trapped,

Fragrance lingers for a while,

As parallel worlds are hard to find.


Wish !!

Let the night fade with darkness,

Standing at the same place,

Imbibe in the warmth of a winter morning,

Live as though you have never been broken,

Stop struggling to coherently express yourself.

Still wonder how things are at fault,

And we are never the same ,

At one point in time, we were the lucky ones,

At one point in time, we beat the odds,

But this is the way we are going to be,

Between your fragments , find the path

Feel in sync with your surroundings,

Crave for yourself,

Fall back in that extraordinary,

Rediscover, embrace and then see how you rock your sky.