Somewhere, Someone.

An old memory of Summer evening,
Shadows left by the picture frames,
A mixture of tragedy and comfort,
Sulking over love in her heart,
Hope in her mind,
Life in her hands,
And death on the trolls.
Having control over her own space,
Where someones presence has to be better than her solitude.
Reckoning, how often the timing had been wrong,
Albeit her heart still skipping a beat.
Is it still the same or everything seems so far away,
Yet a combination of sensitive and savage,
How often nothing makes sense
As once in a while strong people still need their hands to be held.

It’s been a while !

A cup of steaming hot coffee , images_1501843401775

In the middle of the night.

It tastes bitter ,

Just like your thoughts right now,

Are you still thinking about that one situation ,

Or the last nights dream which is the reason you are wide awake ,

But how can you calm down?

When it’s been a while you have been in touch with your life,

Which is playing the way it wanted , and we are dancing to it’s beats incessantly.

And with the remnants ,you are challenging life once again tonight,

With the savior in your hand and the fusses altogether,

Let us play again,

And let me win you over coffee this time,

Because it’s already been a while.

Loud Silence

It was the best of times, it was the worst of times, it was the age of foolishness, it was the epoch of incredibility, it was the season of light, it was the season of darkness , it was the winter of despair.
When she realised she wasn’t a victim of fate , she kept telling herself : she was running her own risks, pushing beyond her own limits, experiencing things which one day , in the tedium of old age she would remember almost with nostalgia – however absurd that might seem .

When she felt so broken that she can’t see herself becoming a whole again . Have you ever felt that ? Like one moment it was all perfect, the perfect love story , the perfect friends, the perfect family but slowly they all seem to drift away . 

Weren’t  these things that were supposed to stay forever? Then what went wrong ? Are certain things lost forever ? With the loud silence in her mind she kept on moving !!  



Too broke to handle myself ,

Too strong for someone else ,

Too weak for another ,

Always hoping for something good ,

But never knows what to do .

Scared of finding your own self ,

Still trying to paint life with different experiences .

Not ready for small changes ,

Hoping everything would be perfect .

Struggling for becoming the best ,

Never giving up for any reason ,

Never overcoming her fears ,

Always thinking of something unusual ,

” Running behind a train , trying to catch a flight ”

But never stopping daydreaming .

Your Beautifully Tormented Mind 

Have you ever told yourself that you were meant for something big ,something different…

Have you ever for a second believed it in your heart and soul , that you are to be someone like the rest ?

Does it seem to you at any point that you are leading a life thats not yours , 

And you will have to unbecome a lot of what you are , to be what you ought to be ?

Does for an instance your own thoughts , give you chills , scares and worries of what might dawn upon you ?

Do you feel stuck in current life situation you can’t seem to get out of , and you question your thoughts of being different , being meant for something huge  ?

Are you often worried if anyone could ever possibly even begin to understand your messed mind , to even dream of wishing they would stay ?

Are you constantly torn between reality and the fiction world you live in , and can’t possibly get out of this loop ? What do you do then ?

With infinite questions , boundless thoughts , caught in your own beautifully tormented mind …

To a world where I belong

For the silent moments that kill me inside ,

For the silent sobs that rot me outside,

I am becoming what i never wanted to be,

I am going where i never wanted to be ,

I belong not to this world, but a world so free,

Where I could run, I could fly,no agitations ,

Take me away on a white horse,

To a different world of dimensions,

Where my soul roams free , mind follows my heart ,

Where sorrow does’nt leave , ripping my veins apart ,

To a land where i belong,

To a place my heart longs ,

Away from agony , away from hearts so shallow ,

Away from well dressed bodies so hollow,

Where there is no rich ,no poor, no black, no white ,

Oh dear lord , just lead me into light .

Gone are those days 

Gone are those days , when everything seems perfect ,

Gone are those mornings , when sunlight nevee hurted ,

When pillow fighting was the favorite game ,

And throwing tantrums a part of life ,

Days when comfort was found in friends known,

With every secret shared without hesitation ,

Gone are those days , when realisation was not dreadful ,

Mistakes were worthy ,

Forgiving was easy ,

And one last time meant an excuse ,

Gone are those days , when life was at ease ,

Gone are those nights , when sleep was in peace .